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Café mexicano

Mexico is the fourth largest coffee producing country in the world and a large organic coffee producing country.

Our Plantation – Huatusco

Most farmers in Oaxaca’s Oaxaca producing area own less than 2 hectares of land and there are several large cooperatives. There are also some larger estates, although some have developed diversified tourism. The altitude is 900~1,700m, and the production season is from December to March. Bourbon, Iron Pickup, Kadura, and Elephant Bean are planted. At the same time, premium beans are produced. Pluma Coixtepec beans, which are grown under natural conditions, are the best, also Altura Orizaba, Altura Watus and Altura Huatusco coffee.

Coffee Bean

Better Beans

Morning Star Brand

Coffee Bean

Quality Milk

Any Organic Brands

Coffee Bean

Perfect Blend

In a Free Morning Star Cup

Condition Optimum


900-1,600 meters


Iron Pickup, Bourbon, New World Mundo Novo, Kadura, Criollo, etc.


Washing: Raw beans have complete appearance and the most consistent quality, but the process requires a lot of water and the cost is high.

After the coffee fruit is washed, the immature fruit floating on the water is removed, and then sent to the pulp screening machine to remove the peel and pulp. Then the seeds are transferred into the fermentation water tank. After about 16 to 36 hours of natural fermentation and dissolving the surface pectin and cleaning, continue to be sun dried for 1 to 3 weeks to reduce the water content to 12%, and then deshelled.

【Raw Beans】

Moisture content is about 10%, dark green, medium density.

Bean Varieties


Morning Star

foster a brilliant star in your morning

Medium Roast

The temperature is 165 celsius degrees, then lowered to 130 after 30 seconds, the damper is 2.5, the yellow point is turned at 4:47 seconds, and the temperature is 146 degrees; at 157 degrees, the fire power is adjusted to 160, and the damper is opened to 3.5. Explosion, this is the full opening of the damper 5, the firepower remains unchanged, the temperature is 182.5 degrees, 191 degrees is to reduce the firepower to 100, the damper is unchanged, it develops 2 minutes after the first burst, and the oven temperature is set to 199.6 degrees.

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